The Pastor of our Church, Elijah Jurca, has a very special relationship with the Lord, and the Lord has chosen to work through Pastor many times and on many different occasions.  Pastor’s experiences with the Lord range from simple signs from the Lord to outright miracles the Lord has performed.  Through Pastor, the Lord has healed people, exerted His power over people’s minds and hearts, exerted His control over nature, etc.  Many people believe the Lord no longer works, but we in this Church, through first hand experience, can attest that the Lord works every single day, and when He does it is awesome.  Below are some examples of how the Lord has worked in our Pastor’s life.


The Lord Involved from the Time of Pastor Elijah’s Birth 

God was working in Pastor Elijah’s and his family’s life at a young age; well before Pastor was ever cognizant of it.  From the time Pastor was born, Pastor’s mother knew Pastor was special as she received from the Lord that he should be named Elijah.  Pastor’s dad always intended to name him Aaron.  Pastor’s mom instructed Pastor’s older brother to go to the proper officials in Romania (as was customary in Romania at this time) and notify them that their new born son’s name was Elijah before Pastor’s dad ever had an opportunity to inform them that he was to be named Aaron. 

The Lord First Works through Pastor When he is Only 7 Years Old 

Pastor’s mom, aware of her son’s connection with the Lord, asked him to do something extraordinary when he was just seven years old.  At this time where Pastor and his family lived in Romania, it rained for many, many days and the basement of the home that Pastor and his family lived at began to flood.  Then it worsened, and water started pouring in.  Pastor’s mom came to him and said go outside and pray to God that it stop raining.  Pastor, being only a small child, did not know what to do or say and he was very scared.  He replied to his mom telling her that he did not even know how to pray.  His mom said just go outside and talk to God; that is all.  Pastor hesitantly went out in the rain.  He looked to the sky and began to cry.  Pastor then said: “Father please stop this rain; let the sun come up and make this water stop.”  Right then and there clouds began to part, the sun came up, and it stopped raining. 

The Lord Heals Pastor’s Brother 

When the Lord first began to call Pastor Elijah, Pastor was confused as to why God was choosing to use him.  He prayed to the Lord asking this question many times.  The Lord answered Pastor’s prayers by telling him that the reason he was chosen is because he does not know anything and by working through Pastor it would be an awesome way for the Lord to reveal His Power.  


Shortly thereafter, Pastor’s youngest brother developed eczema on his left eye area.  It started out as a small blemish and worsened and worsened until it started to cover his entire eye and still continued to expand.  It even began to affect his vision.  His mother took him to several doctors and tried to get treatment for him, but nothing seemed to help.  Pastor’s dad reached out to an old friend to pray for his son, and he did, but Pastor’s mother instructed Pastor to go with him and pray as well.  Once Pastor prayed with the man, Pastor’s brother was healed immediately.  The eczema left his face and never returned. 


The Lord Answers Pastor’s Dad’s Prayer and Provides for His Family 

Pastor’s family living under the communist regime in Romania was quite poor.  The communist government greatly oppressed Christian people at that time in Romania.  No matter how much a family worked, the government would provide them $150 for every child the family had.  When picking up this allowance from a government office, the government officials would ask those picking up their allowance their religious and governmental affiliations.  For those who the government officials knew were Christian, they would ask them to sign a form acknowledging acceptance of their allowance, and then they would quickly close the window where they issued out the funds.  Those who were Christian often did not get any money at all, and it was kept by corrupt government officials.  For Pastor’s family, it was very obvious that they were Christian as everyone in Pastor’s family had Biblical names (Elijah, Moses, Cornelius, etc.).  The government officials often asked Pastor’s dad why he did not just become communist, and in doing so denounce Christianity, and he would no longer have these problems.  Pastor’s dad always refused to do so.


Accordingly, Pastor’s family had to borrow money from most of their family and friends to pay their bills.  At one point, after having gone to every family member and friend they could think of, they were out of people they could turn to.  However, Pastor’s dad knew of one more place to go to for help – the Lord.  Pastor’s dad prayed to the Lord and asked Him for help with their finances.  Three days later, Pastor’s family was completely out of food and money.  Then, at 2:00 a.m. that night, two women (who they later found out were sisters) pulled up in front of Pastor’s family’s house in a taxi.  The two sisters had money from the proceeds of the sale of their home, and in addition to their tithing, the Lord revealed to them that they were to give an additional 10% to Pastor’s family.  The sisters told the family to pay all their debts and use the remainder of the money as needed.  They also told them that once the money was gone, the Lord would reveal to them what they needed to do next.  Once the money ran out, the Lord revealed to Pastor’s dad that He would open a door for he and his family to come to the United States.  

The Lord Protects Pastor before the Lord Even Called Pastor

Before Pastor Elijah was called by God, he was certainly being protected by God.  When Pastor was young and still living in Romania, the country was under a communist regime, and it was mandated that all men from ages 20 through 25 must serve in the Romanian army.  At age 18 Pastor was placed in the army as a way to punish Pastor’s parents as they had recently escaped from the country.  Once in the army, the army leaders sought for a way to have Pastor killed.  Once at a shooting range, while men were supposed to be shooting at stationary targets in a field, they were instructed to shoot at Pastor.  This happened for several times over several days and bullets were whizzing by Pastor but nothing ever hit him.   Pastor never thought anything of it because he assumed they were blanks.  After much frustration from the army leaders, an officer tried to shoot Pastor and could not hit him; however, he did accidentally hit another officer and killed him.  It remained a mystery to all the army leaders why it seemed impossible for anyone to shoot Pastor. 


After their confusion, the army assigned Pastor to an area where they sent soldiers to punish them and do extremely hard labor, namely digging a tunnel.  Many soldiers died there.  Pastor did his work and remained unharmed by any ailments or injuries.   While there, a man named Morowski, who was a Russian leader and in charge of the Romanian officers, visited the area.  Many army soldiers and leaders from both Russia and Romania feared Morowski. There were many stories of the punishments Morowski placed on those who disobeyed his orders.  There was even a story that he had ripped off a man’s ear who did not listen to him.  Morowski was walking through a group of about 4,000 Romanian soldiers and was to choose one man to come and work with him in his office.  There work there would be safe and easy office work.  After walking through the camp, Morowski chose Pastor to work in his office.  There was nothing that any of the Romanian officers could say or do because they all answered to Morowski and they feared him. 

Pastor Elijah Hears the Lord’s Voice for the First Time

Pastor Elijah had part time job, mostly on the weekend, as a night time security guard at a very secure storage facility.  The people who operated the facility were extremely thorough and they had all their security guards examined before the start of their shift in order to ensure that they were not drowsy or under any undue influence or substance.  One night while Pastor Elijah was making his rounds through the facility, he heard a Voice speaking in Romanian, but there was no one who worked in the facility that spoke Romanian.  The Voice said the following: “Elijah, Elijah, how long are you sinning with your own will?”   Pastor Elijah was very concerned by what he heard and did not know what to think.  After thinking about what had happened that night, Pastor Elijah remembered what his mother had told him several times many years before.  She told Pastor Elijah that the Lord has put you on the side to do His work.  Pastor Elijah never fully understood what she meant.  After remembering this, Pastor Elijah began to understand that God was communicating with him directly.  He went to ask the pastor of his church about this incredible experience.  The pastor of Pastor Elijah’s church told him that the Lord does not work in that way anymore.  He told Pastor Elijah that talking with God is something that happened in the days of the Bible and does not happen anymore.  This saddened Pastor Elijah and confused him because he was certain that God was talking to him.   After Pastor Elijah’s talk with his pastor, God continued to speak to Pastor Elijah and God revealed to Pastor Elijah that his pastor does not have a connection with Him.   God continued to reveal Himself to Pastor Elijah and then Pastor Elijah was certain that the Lord was talking with him, regardless of what anyone had to say.  The Lord told Pastor Elijah that He does indeed still talk to those that He chooses to work through and Pastor Elijah was one of those people.  Pastor Elijah has followed God since then and he continues to do God’s work to this day. Amen


The Lord Sends Pastor to Romania While Protecting His Home Here

Before Pastor Elijah was called by the Lord, he was a contractor.  After being called by the Lord, Pastor would still occasionally do work for himself when needed.  At this time, Pastor was building a room addition on his house in California, and in doing so, he had to remove a portion of the roof.  At one point, when the portion of the roof was completely removed and the interior of the home was  exposed, the Lord spoke to Pastor and told him that he must go to Romania immediately.  The Lord said that there were people there crying out to Him to be set free and that He wanted to work through Pastor out there for their sake.  Although Pastor realized that if he left the roof in its current condition it could be a catastrophe; for example, if it rained, the interior of that portion of the house would be ruined, he listened to the Lord and went right away to Romania. 


In Romania, Pastor went to the church he was instructed by the Lord to go to.  At the church the residing pastor there, not even knowing who Pastor was at this point, asked Pastor to address the congregation.  Pastor spoke and explained that the Lord had sent him there and as to why.  The people in the congregation realized that Pastor was God’s man and the answer to their prayers.  That day, 150 people or so in the congregation did confession and were set free from their sins.  After these confessions the Lord began to work with signs and miracles in that church as the parishioners sins were no longer in the way of the Lord working.  Pastor ended up being in Romania for six weeks given that there was so much work to be done there by the Lord. 


Back in California, Pastor Elijah’s roof on his home was exposed the entire time, but the Lord worked there as well.  It did not rain one drop in the area near Pastor’s home in California the entire six weeks Pastor was away.  Pastor returned home, there was no damage whatsoever to his home, and he completed the room addition. 

The Lord Delivers a Message to a Man While on a Plane with Pastor
Pastor Elijah was flying from Indiana to California and he overheard the two gentlemen sitting adjacent to him talking about football.  During their conversation, one of the men suddenly fell asleep.  The other man could not believe that someone would fall asleep in the middle of a conversation.  The annoyed man looked to Pastor and said “Can you believe this guy fell asleep?!”  Then Pastor replied to the man saying, “I can because I need to talk to you about Christ.”  The Lord had already revealed to Pastor what would happen and what Pastor needed to say to the man.  After talking for much of the plane ride with the man, Pastor came to learn that the man had a son that was a pastor and he was on his way to visit his son.  Pastor told this man God’s Truth and how He has worked in Pastor’s life.  Pastor asked the man to relay his son what they had talked about because that was who the message was ultimately for.  The man’s son was not on the right path, and as a pastor was misguiding many others.  
The Lord Makes a Way for Pastor in Riverside
The Lord spoke to Pastor Elijah and told him to go to Riverside, California and preach there.  Pastor looked through the Yellow Pages for churches in Riverside.  He then mailed out letters to several of the churches there introducing himself and explaining how the Lord had told him to go to Riverside.  He continued by asking if anyone had a room available for himself and the parishioners of the church to use, and that it would be greatly appreciated.  Out of all the letters Pastor sent only three people called him.  Two of them said they appreciate what Pastor was saying but unfortunately they could not help at that time.  However, one of the churches was willing to let Pastor come in and meet with the resident pastor there.  The reason the pastor of that church invited Pastor was because when the mailman dropped off the mail at their church there were many envelopes to go through, as the church had over 800 parishioners.  As the pastor of the church began to sort through all the mail, there was one envelope that felt hot.  All the rest were cool in the air conditioned room, but one envelope was hot, almost too hot to touch.  The pastor there gave it some time to cool off, but it would not.  He asked his assistant when did you get the mail; how could this one envelope be hot?  As the pastor held the hot envelope in his hand, he heard the Lord’s Voice saying “this is God’s man.”  Sure enough the one envelope that felt hot was from Pastor.  The pastor at the church called Pastor immediately thereafter and invited him to come to his church.  Pastor went the next day and was expecting the man to ask him many questions about himself and the church.  The man asked him nothing and showed him classrooms he had available in the church and he refused to take any money from him for rent. All that the pastor at the church asked for from Pastor was for him to preach in his church when he asked him to.  Amen. 
Pastor Experiences God’s Control Over Nature
Pastor needed some grading work done on a property he had purchased in Riverside, California in order for it to be built upon.  A gentleman Pastor knew did the work for him.  Once it was done he told Pastor that he needed to keep the soil moist so it would compact properly but there was no nearby water access and it was the middle of summer and had not rained for some time.  If they could not figure out a solution, Pastor was going to have a mess on his hands on all the work would have been done in vain.  Pastor prayed to the Lord for some help.  He prayed for rain and as Pastor was still praying, it began to rain.  When the man who did the grading saw this, he began to run to his truck, while yelling back to Pastor: “I will not take any money from you.  There is no need to pay me.”  Pastor chased after him trying to pay him and did throw money in the back window of the truck before the truck sped off.  Pastor called the man several times thereafter, but he the man never returned a call.  It rained for three days and three nights – the perfect amount needed for the soil.  It only rained in the immediate area around Pastor’s land.  No where else in the town did it rain.  
The Lord Makes Sure Pastor Delivers a Message

One day, when Pastor was living in Indiana, Pastor had to go to the DMV with his friend Mario.  As they were walking in, the Lord spoke to Pastor and He told him to go and speak to a woman who was in the parking lot on her phone.  Pastor did not listen and went inside of the DMV with Mario.  Again, the Lord spoke to Pastor and said: “You will not leave until you speak to this woman.”  Pastor told Mario about this, but Mario said: “Let’s leave her alone and not cause any problems.”  When they were done inside the DMV, Pastor went to start his car and leave but it would not start.  It was dead.  There was no issue whatsoever with the car when they were driving to the DMV.  Pastor told Mario: “See, this is the Lord.”  The very woman that the Lord was instructing Pastor to speak to came over to give Pastor’s car a jump.  Pastor then said to the woman: “Before you jump the car, we must put God first.”  Pastor told the woman that the Lord was instructing him to talk to her and he explained to her who he was, that he was a pastor, and that he was called by the Lord.  The woman then explained that she had just moved from Chicago to Indiana and had been praying to the Lord to direct her to a new church where the Lord was present. 

The Lord Instructs Pastor to Spread His Word

Pastor was at the grocery store buying gallons of water and next to him was a woman buying water as well.  Right then the Lord spoke to Pastor and said talk to this woman about Me.  Pastor replied asking: “this woman right here?”  The Lord replied: “Yes.”  Pastor then said that he did not know what to say and asked the Lord to give him the words.  The Lord did give him the words and Pastor spoke to the woman as follows: “Do you know what water you can drink and you will never thirst again?”  The woman replied immediately saying: “Yes, through our Lord and Savior Jesus.”  Pastor learned that the woman was seeking God and Pastor had a great conversation with her for about an hour about the Lord, and Pastor gave her the Church’s website to see our messages and past services. 

The Lord Punishes a Man Who Treats Pastor Unfairly

The Lord directed Pastor to purchase a piece of property in Riverside, California.  The property was not listed for sale at the time.  Pastor did not understand why he had to purchase the property at that time, but when the Lord speaks to Pastor, he must listen, regardless of Pastor’s own thoughts.  Accordingly, Pastor approached the owner of the property.  The owner was not inclined to sell the property because he intended to give it to his son one day.  However, Pastor insisted and eventually the man told him that he would sell the land to Pastor for $150,000.  As they were about to write up a contract, the man asked Pastor why he had been so insistent on purchasing the land.  Pastor explained that the Lord revealed to him that he must purchase it.  At that point the man told Pastor that they would need to hold off on executing the contract.  The next day the man contacted Pastor and said he would still sell him the land but now the price was $200,000 because “God is rich.”  Pastor asked the Lord what he should do and the Lord replied telling Pastor to still purchase the land at the increased price.  The Lord directed Pastor where and how to get a $200,000 loan and Pastor purchased the property.  Pastor told the seller, as the Lord directed him, that he would pay double for the $50,000 increase he unfairly placed upon Pastor.  The man, not believing or listening to anything Pastor had to say, just said “we’ll see about that.”  A few months later, the county contacted the seller of the property and informed him that because he had previously subdivided the property without the proper approval of the county, he would need to put a private road on the property to properly subdivide it or the property could not be used at all, and all the cost for the road must be bore by him.  The man had no choice but to do it, and the cost of the road came to $100,000.  

The Lord Uses Pastor to Answer a Man’s Prayer in Romania


After 18 years of being away from Romania, Pastor went back.  One of the first people he wanted to see was his best fried named Cornelius.  Pastor had not had much contact with Cornelius, but once in Romania and after asking around, Pastor had learned that Cornelius had opened up a bar.  Pastor went to the bar and saw Cornelius.  They were both ecstatic to see one another again after so long.  Cornelius asked Pastor if he wanted a beer or a cigarette and Pastor explained to him that he no longer smoke or drank and he had dedicated his life to the Lord.  Pastor went on to talk about the Lord and many people in the bar gathered around Pastor to hear what he was saying.  When Cornelius saw all this he was shocked.  He was shocked because next to Cornelius’s bar lived another pastor.  He and Cornelius did not get along because firstly the pastor did not like a bar being right next to his home and secondly the pastor wanted to preach the Word of God to Cornelius’s patrons and Cornelius refused to allow him to do so for fear that it would hurt his business.  The pastor told Cornelius that he would pray to the Lord that someone would come to his bar and preach the Word of God.  Pastor was the answer to his prayers.

The Lord Instructs Pastor to Pray for Police Officers


One night Pastor received a message from the Lord to go to a particular restaurant, so accordingly, Pastor took his wife Victoria out to dinner at that restaurant.  After they were seated, three police men came in and sat no more than twenty feet from Pastor and Victoria.  The Lord then told Pastor to finish his meal and go and pray for the police officers.  The Lord said to pray for them because the Lord must be with them in light of where they had to go later that night.  Victoria was a little frustrated by this.  She asked Pastor why he must always do this and make a scene everywhere they go.  Pastor knew that he must listen to the Lord and asked the Lord that if it is absolutely necessary to pray with these police officers, please empty out the restaurant and spare Victoria the scene.  Within minutes the restaurant was empty.  People were sitting outside the restaurant, but would not enter.  The presence of the Lord was there and kept the restaurant empty just as Pastor asked.  Pastor went up to the officers and introduced himself.  The women officer put her gun on the table as Pastor introduced himself.  Pastor then delivered the message the Lord gave him and they prayed.  The two men officers had tears in their eyes, but the woman officer still had her gun on the table as Pastor prayed.  After he finished his prayer, he left the restaurant with Victoria, and as they left, people started to enter the restaurant again.

A Man in the Church Does Not Listen to a Message the Lord Had for Him

When Pastor Elijah was ministering in Indiana, there was a gentleman in the Church there named John.  One day John informed Pastor that he and his wife were planning a vacation to Hawaii.  Shortly thereafter, the Lord revealed to Pastor that John and his wife should not go to on the vacation.  The Lord did not say why or give any specifics but just that John and his wife should not go.  Pastor relayed the message to John and John told his wife.  John, and especially his wife, were upset about what the Lord revealed to Pastor.  John’s wife even asked Pastor “what does God have to do with whether or not we go on vacation?”  John and his wife decided to go on the vacation anyway.  On the first day of the trip John broke his foot and spent the first couple days of the vacation in the hospital and the rest of the vacation stuck in the hotel with his wife having to wait on him. 

The Lord Protects Pastor and His Wife While They Drive to Indiana

Pastor and his wife Victoria were driving from California to the church in Indiana and the Holy Spirit came to Pastor and told him that when he gets to Indiana he must deliver a message to a certain man in Indiana.  Pastor was not pleased to hear this message because it involved him reprimanding the man and he knew that if he did deliver the message, it would certainly cause a fight.  Pastor decided that he was not going to give the message to the man.  After driving for quite a while, it was late at night, and Pastor had Victoria drive while Pastor slept in the passenger seat.  Victoria fell asleep while she was driving and while Pastor slept he received another message from the Lord.  The message he received was the Lord saying: “I told you to reprimand your brother when you get to Indiana and you are refusing.  You could have died five times by now, but I protected you.” After hearing this, Pastor woke up in a panic to see Victoria asleep at the wheel, and there was a state trooper behind them on his speaker in his car yelling for them to wake up.  Pastor delivered the message accordingly to the man once he arrived in Indiana.

God’s Protection Upon His Man Before He Even Calls Him

When Pastor and Sister Victoria (Pastor’s wife) were young and still living in Romania, and before the Lord had called Pastor or before he and Sister Victoria were even in proper relationship with the Lord, they had decided that they would move to the United States.  They knew that the news would devastate Sister Victoria’s mom, so they told her that they were only going away for a short while and would return.  When saying good bye at the train platform they were leaving on, Sister Victoria’s mom could sense that something was wrong and that maybe they were leaving for a lot longer than she was being told.  As the train left, Sister Victoria’s mom chased after it, and even grabbed onto it.  Sister Victoria’s mom was in fact devastated when she later learned that the move was in fact permanent.  She was so devastated that she sought help from the wrong people.  Some people suggested that Sister Victoria’s mom seek the help of someone who lived near them who practiced witchcraft.  They told her that this woman could put a curse and Pastor and maybe even kill him and then Sister Victoria would be forced to return to Romania.  Sister Victoria’s mom did not know the Lord, and being desperate, decided this may be something to try.  She went to the home of the woman who did these things, but before she could even get to the door, the woman came out and was screaming, “the man you are coming here for me to curse is God’s man and there is nothing I can do to him.”